Ready to rock out with your flock? It’s Coopstock!


By: Hen Up

Over the past 18 months, thousands of families across the country have discovered the joys of keeping chickens in their backyards. At the same time, the pandemic shut down concert venues large and small, leaving music fans with few options to enjoy live performances.

These two seemingly unrelated facts combined to inspire us to create Coopstock™, the first-ever backyard concerts exclusively for chickens. Well, chickens and the people who love them.

And the best part is that it’s not just one concert in one place at one time. It’s a series of backyard jams hosted by hen lovers across the country on different days, each featuring different music. You can even stage your own show for your feathered and human friends.

​​Anita Leadbetter hosted the first Coopstock in North Yarmouth, Maine. Leadbetter and her 30 fluffy Silkie chickens and Cochin Bantam hens brought about 40 of their close family and friends to her backyard to enjoy the music of country duo 2 for Jackson, a country. She says, “Our chickens love country music, so it was fun to host one of our favorite bands to play for our girls.” We didn’t get a chance to ask her how she knew her chickens were country music fans, but they definitely wanted to get right up front for the show.

For Leadbetter, the concert wasn’t just a fun way to hang out with friends and family. It was a thank-you to her backyard flock. “Our chickens bring us so much joy and entertainment, not to mention delicious eggs,” she says. “Of course, we want to thank them for their cuteness and all their hard laying work by making sure they are taken care of in the best way possible. We make sure they are fed a yummy, healthy and well-balanced diet by providing Hen Up.”

You can catch highlights and follow other concert events via our Facebook or Instagram pages. Currently, we have five other Coopstock hosts lined up:

Don’t know a band you can book for your own Coopstock show? No problem. We’ve put together a Coopstock Spotify playlist to provide the soundtrack for your shindig that’s guaranteed to have everyone shaking their tail feathers. 

Stay tuned to our social channels for more Coopstock news and tips on throwing your own backyard jam. And if you stage a concert, be sure to tag your posts with #coopstock and send us the highlights!